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About us

Waven develops energy harvesting technologies to power up the world and protect the environment. Waven is working for the planet, for society and for business prosperity. Our mandate: as humans we have both the right and the obligation to protect the planet and develop solutions that contribute to the increased quality of life. Our team dedicates its efforts to reduce carbon footprint, reinforce sustainability and to innovate. Our products make your life easier, your environment cleaner and your budget more sustainable.

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Waven – electricity from the electromagnetic fields

Waven developed a semiconductor-based system capable of harvesting electricity from the electromagnetic fields.
With Waven solutions it is possible to power up IoT sensors, alarms and other devices, such as remote controls, phones or toys.

Waste energy

Waven harvests waste energy from industrial, ICT and power infrastructure.

Smart buildings

Waven integrates with your building and appliances turning your home and office into a more energetically-efficient system.

Mobile devices

Independent charging solutions for mobile devices, IoT and sensors.


Wide range of Waven solutions to power up the future of transportation and eliminate obsolete wiring in your vehicle.


Alternative to space photovoltaics and RTG. Adds sustainability on aircrafts and UAVs.

Independent power sources

Waven provides electricity to power devices without the need of providing additional power lines.

High-performance RF energy harvesting circuit in a AA battery

Waven solution is based on our high-performance RF energy harvesting circuit.
We have reached 6 times better parameters compared to the alternative solutions, enabling harvesting even in environments with low energy density. The chip integrates easily with small electronic devices or with energy storage.

Our first product – Waven Wireless Rechargeable Battery – is designed for everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and maintenance of small electronic devices. It also fits the needs of consumers using stand-by house appliances, who wish to save on shopping and avoid troubles with depleted batteries.

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Waven offers investors possibility to become part of the rapidly growing and proven technology and products with wide range of applications.
We have a robust business model and attractive financial characteristics. Our leading positions in attractive international markets, providing the Waven with predictable and visible revenues.




Get to know us!

Get to know us!

Our Website can only give you a first impression of our activities. We are happy to meet you and provide you with a deeper insight into our thinking and work. Because the best solutions are always found together. Depending on your request we will be glad to get you in touch with the right contact person.